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A Riding Community Service

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Purposes of Argos Rides, LLC

Our transportation service is oriented to allow the provider (the participanting driver) a high gross income (80%) of the proceeds from your use of the service, 10% of the gross proceeds funds a community food bank ("Mathews 25:41") of the Plan Social of Radio Amanecer con Dios, Inc. (a non profit community organization), and just 10% of the proceeds for system expenses. Other benefits, like vehicle group insurance, health group insurance, legal group insurance, coop-cafeteria-lounge, and others.

Argos Rides, LLC is a funding source to the community, non-profit organization "Plan Social de Radio Amanecer con Dios, Inc."

"Plan Social de Radio Amanecer con Dios, Inc." runs a food program, for which one of its components is "Mathew 25:41"a food bank community service.  For that purpose, we employ volunteers from different sources, mainly from Christian faith-based community organizations.
"Bodega Virtual", second component, sells/delivers raw and/or cooked food and other day-to-day necessity items to members of communities under the Poverty Line, on a discounted price basis.

Listen to  Radio Amanecer con Dios, a Christian broadcasting service (in Spanish), by clicking the following logo: